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Loving this Tone Mapping Stuff

22 Nov 2009 at 1:09pm

New Norcia is such a great little town to explore, being so close to Perth it is a great day out with the camera. This scene took my eye, loved the old bench, these things make great subject matter. The sign says, “Meet a Monk day has been called off!!”

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Photomatix tone mapping plugin for Photoshop

19 Nov 2009 at 11:48am

The Monastery

This is a photo I took in New Norcia the other month with photographers Mark Stothard, David Bettini and Greg Munyard. After seeing Marks photo of the old mansion in Trinidad I got all inspired to have a crack my own architectural photography. This was again tone mapped from a single image in photoshop with the photomatix plugin. I am really loving doing this on just the single images, I haven’t seemed to get too many noise issues, nothing Noise Ninja couldn’t fix anyway. This image was taken with the 5D mark II and my trusty Canon 50mm f/1.2 god I love that lens.

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New Norcia Compilation

6 Oct 2009 at 2:29pm

preist illust

Whilst I’m on the theme of religion and since we were at New Norcia, a town that seems to have religion at its core I thought I would work up a composite image (thanks Stakky for the inspiration).
All the elements in this image were shot hand held with the 50mm and put together and blended. I love doing this sort of stuff because it really makes you think about how to achieve the results you want. This is for fun, just toying with religion, I think I might become a monk, I hear they are brewing beer these days!! This statue was of a particularly grim looking dude, anyone know who he is??? Doesn’t look friendly. New Norcia is great for photography but if the walls could talk there must be some horror stories that have come out of that place.

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Throne fit for a King

4 Oct 2009 at 12:38am


This was taken in an old hotel in New Norcia. We stopped there for breakfast and I had a sniff around and just loved this scene. It was a bloody good breakfast too. The old hotel was quite spooky and you would have to think haunted. The light was stylized using curves.
Ok it isn’t wildflowers but they will be coming.

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