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Second Bunker Bay Workshop A Success

31 Jan 2011 at 10:04am

It was another awesome weekend for our second Bunker Bay workshop. Nick Rains and I entertained the crowd and lives were changed. I pulled out a few Altered Landscapes and the oohs and aghhs were almost drowning out the snoring noises! We had on awesome sunset too, everyone got some great shots of that.

Photos courtesy of Nick Rains and Leica.

This is what some of the participants had to say.

Hi Christian and Nick,

I’ve finally arrived home from a week with the family after the workshop so I’m itching to get in and start processing some new images and then have a crack at some of my older stuff, but not before dropping you a note to thank you for the excellent course you ran.
I was only half joking when I replied when asked what I wanted from the course that I was looking for salvation from the monotony of failure!  Unbeknownst to you guys, I had marked this course as a kind of make-or-break point in my photographic journey.  To say that my passion for photography had become stale was an understatement but nevertheless I wanted to be better at it, both in terms of capturing the image in-camera as well as post-processing, something that I had done in only the most basic fashion previously.
Within the first few minutes of arriving at the first shoot (after I had found my glasses) I had a whole new approach to setting up the tripod and camera ready for the stitched panos I had been looking forward to trying.  I could tell already that my photography was about to improve significantly!  Those few minutes spent guiding me through the setup process and the rationale behind it were invaluable.
As far as the classroom component went, I couldn’t have been happier.  There was a great dynamic between you two, both bringing your own styles and qualities to the educational process that while distinctly different, complemented each other very successfully. As a result we ended up with the benefits of two lifetimes worth of knowledge on tap, shared generously and enthusiastically and with a healthy dose of humour.  It must have been very difficult to balance the delivery of the information to a group with such varied levels of skill and knowledge, yet there always seemed time to share some one-to-one tutoring as necessary.  Your enthusiasm and passion for photography was infectious and made it an extremely enjoyable weekend while at the same time presenting new challenges in approach and technique that will take some time to absorb and integrate.
While the workshop filled a large void in my knowledge, it has whetted my appetite for more – maybe one day there will be an “advanced” workshop, not that this one was in any way basic, but just because I’d love to come on another one!  I’d certainly recommend it to anyone interested in photography, especially those thinking of improving their post-processing understanding and skills.
I’m already looking forward to more – somewhere, sometime.
Thanks again to both of you for a great weekend, and for the enjoyment I’m about to get from my new improved skill level and recharged enthusiasm.
Cheers, Muzz
Murray Spittles

G’day gents,

I know i said this to you both personally before i left, but i just wanted to say thanks again for a great weekend. I learnt so much from the both of you and also confirmed a few things that i had learnt already. I cant wait to go back through my catalogue of photos and see what i can do with them now that i can visualise the potential of the photoshop techniques you taught.

I was expecting lots out of the workshop based on the feedback i saw on the previous ones and you delivered. You are both very likeable characters and there is no sense of ego from either of you, just a willingness to share what you know, which is very refreshing for people in your position. Perhaps what is not mentioned too often in the feedback is that the environment created in the course is very personal and relaxing; its was really fun to be able to ‘nerd it up’ with a bunch if like-minded people and make some new mates.

So, when i head off on my trip to Canada in the middle of the year i will be armed with some renewed vision and enthusiam. If you happen to plan a trip to the US or Canada late this year or in 2012, drop me a line cos I will be looking for some good places to shoot and probably some good company too!

Cheers and thanks, Kris Holmes

Hi  Christian and Nick

Just a note to thank you both for the recent Bunker Bay workshop weekend.  This would have to be the best photographic workshop of any kind that I have attended.  The presentation was delivered in an easy to understand format  and the small class size made it easy to ask questions as we went along.  The two of you are undoubtably experts and leaders in your craft and it must be frustrating  at times for you to teach mere novices. The friendly manner in which you delivered the content  and the time spent by you both as you helped us all as group and on a one to one basis all weekend is a quality that is very rare these days and one to be admired. We learned many things out of the course but if nothing else then I’m sure we all came away with a large dose of enthusiasm.

This is a course that I can highly recommend to anyone.

Merv French.

Hey Nick & Christian,

What can I say……thank you…..thank you for sharing your passion…thank you for sharing your knowledge…..and thank you for inspiring me to be a better photographer…

I had a fantastic weekend in Bunker Bay at your workshop on the 15th & 16th……Despite being an “absolute amatuer”, your knowledge and passion for photography was contagious…

You’ll both be happy to know, the first thing I did was retire my wobbly old tripod and buy a new one !!!

Best regards

Darren Devenish

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Bunker Bay Workshop

20 Jan 2011 at 8:22pm

Nick Rains and I completed another really successful two day workshop last weekend at Bunker Bay. We have another one this weekend that will be as good if not better. For the first time ever we have two celebrities on the workshop Muzz and Merv. Should be interesting having the boys sit together. M&M!!!

Last weekend went well with the 15 participants all getting their heads stuffed with information. When Nick talks about bit depth and colour management you can see the pennies dropping. We ended up on Sunday arvo with a group photoshop session. 17 people all working the same image. It worked really well as it was a complex image to edit.

We had lots of laughs and met some great people. Thanks everyone for making it special.

Here is some of what people had to say.

Christian and Nick,
Guy’s thank you both for a magnificent weekend of Learning! My head is still spinning from all the great tips and techniques not only in the class room but also out on location.
Not only did we all learn from the “Dynamic Duo” but also from all the other guys on the work shop who all have the same passion for photography.
Great work guys I would recommend this work shop to any one in a second.


Hiya Christian and Nick

I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to say thanks for the grouse Bunker Bay workshop last weekend.

You successfully provided a high and entertaining level of theoretical learning in the seminar room and practical learning out and about shooting in 3 sessions around  Cape Naturaliste. Having such landscape experts right alongside you giving “one on one” instructions and tips was invaluable. Adding to the value for we participants was the number of quirky camera and Photoshop techniques detailed which will enable us to significantly raise the quality of our end products, be they print, web or screen. The informal atmosphere throughout only added to the overall experience.

I can strongly recommend the workshops to any photographer – be they beginner, intermediate or expert – who wants to take their skills to the next level, or even two. Of course to get the best venue in Australia for shooting, they will need to come to the Bunker Bay ones……..


Rob McDonald

Hi Christian and Nick

I would like to thank you both very much for your fantastic workshop on the weekend. You guys must be knackered because I sure was!! I really appreciated your patience while I was fumbling a bit there, and felt bad about alerting you. Thanks so much for that. Those two days were just such an eye opener for me Christian, in all respects. Amazing really I thought knew something about photography, but I came away knowing a hell of a lot more that I did prior to doing the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you guys again sometime and I wish you well with this great work you do.
Best regards and thanks once again
Chris Burton

” Attending Christian Fletcher’s and Nick Rains’ seminars is an eye opening experience. Having direct access to two of Australia’s, and arguably the World’s leading landscape photographers is invaluable. I was amazed at how open and engaged both Christian and Nick were, with no subject being off limits. Everyone’s questions were answered and “secret” tips and techniques shared without hesitation. The seminar had the perfect mix between theory and hands on practise (both photography and post production). I will be singing their praises to anyone who will listen – this is a must do for any landscape photographer (and any photographer for that matter) that wants their images to have that magic touch.”


Tom Gregorczyk

here are some photos of the weekend courtesy of Nick and his little Leica compact.

If you want to get on one of our workshops and we have one in every state, go to www.nickrains.com

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Australia Day Workshop

23 Dec 2010 at 12:12pm

What is 50m long, has 6 tender boats, a helicopter, 5 star luxury and floats???

Yes, you guessed it, True North. Now what if I was to say we are running the Australia Day workshop again like last year. Would you get excited, hell yeah!

It’s on, the best one day workshop the planet has ever seen. 26th of January 2011, leaving Fremantle. If you missed out last time don’t sit back thinking it won’t fill again.

This is the last chance to get that christmas shopping done. Why not shout your wife, your husband, your lover, even the dog would learn something!

So the speakers will be

Christian Fletcher – You know who I am.

Tony Hewitt – The youngest Grand Master Photographer ever. (can see a great composition with his eyes closed)

Nick Rains – Master photographer and editor of Better Digital Camera Magazine (hobbies include reading manuals)

Michael Fletcher – The video Guy (Has a famous brother I believe)

To book your place email or call the True North office. 08 9192 1829  or cruise@northstarcruises.com.au Cost is $295 per person and includes lunch, tea and coffee and 4 world class speakers.

What will make this workshop special is the depth of knowledge the speakers have. Tony is one of Australia’s leading visual artist, in fact one of the worlds leading visual artists with wins at WPPI in Las Vegas against photographers from other countries.

Nick is one of the smartest men in photography today, his humour and presentation skills will have you wanting more.

Michael is the leading dslr video exponent in the state with stunning visuals and all the techniques to share that will have you shooting and editing masterpieces to rival the best in hollywood!

As for me, I will be bringing to the table the latest photoshop techniques I am using and more. Some say that I could even make one of Mervs photos look good. That is pushing it though!

I will post more details as they come to hand but the main thing is you book now. This gig will fill super fast. The experience of True North coupled with the best photography workshop in Australia makes it a must do event. We will cruise to Rottnest and commence the workshops. You will be able to see all of the speakers and then join them for a sunset on Rottnest with your camera getting tips to improve your captures. We will then cruise back to Fremantle under the stars to cap off a memorable day.

And yes if your wondering that is Flemming Bo Jensen on the deck of True North

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Freycinet Workshop 2010

8 Dec 2010 at 3:38pm

Well Nick Rains and I had our first ever Tasmania workshop last weekend Held at the Freycinet Lodge. It was a fantastic weekend with 14 great people and lots of laughs, mostly at my expense but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The talent in the room was unbelievable and I’m not talking about the super fabulous Nick Rains and his Colour Management juggernaut, but the participants who attended.

The weather didn’t play ball for most of the weekend but we didn’t get any rain that stopped us from shooting each day. Some of the images taken were pretty awesome to say the least and you can check out a lot more on Nick’s website

I want to thank everyone who came to the workshop and made it a great time for Nick and myself. It was a group that gelled so well. The lodge put on some brilliant food, those morning and arvo teas rocked. I only have one complaint, I wanted seconds on the scones and you buggers ate them all.

We will be running the same workshop next year in December so if your interested let Nick know.

Steve Pope was one of the participants on the workshop, this is what he had to say.


Thanks again for the workshop. I learned so many techniques and tips that it is still percolating down through my brain.  You and Nick are fantastic instructors and more importantly wonderfully encouraging to all of us, no matter how talented or not we are.

And I didn’t even have to bribe him to say that.

The landscape image is by Jenny Shorta, a lady with a brilliant eye.

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Bunker Bay Workshop 22nd to 23rd of January 2011

7 Sep 2010 at 11:55am


Nick Rains and I are doing it again, Bunker Bay 2011.

There are  only 9 spots left for the 22nd and 23rd of January 2011 to be held at the Bunker Bay Resort and it hasn’t been advertised yet. This workshop has been very popular and last January this filled very quickly. The cost is $995 for the two days. Doesn’t include Accommodation but includes morning and afternoon teas and lunch. We will have your photography to a professional standard by the end of the weekend. Hands on shooting and photoshop techniques will be the order of the day with advanced colour management techniques and printing.

We will have an Epson 3880 printer with us and will print out images we have shot over the weekend. There will be 3 or 4 shoots as well as the classroom workshops all in the luxury of the Bunker Bay Resort. A special rate for staying at he resort is available for those who don’t want to have to drive in from Dunsborough or elsewhere. Bookings can be made with the resort just mention you are on our workshop.

Nick will show you the subtleties of RAW conversion, how to master Lightroom or Camera Raw and get the perfect file every time. What this guy doesn’t know about photography and post production isn’t worth teaching.

I will be “butchering pixels”, in a good way, to show you how to get that WOW light in your images, the software I use and how I use it. You could say we have it covered what ever your style, clean and pristine or full on Glitz and glamour! If you like what Nick and I do we will teach you.

To book got to Nicks Website . Get in quick for this one.

Comments from recent Bunker Bay Workshop :

“Rated individually both Nick Rains and Christian Fletcher are easily placed amongst the top six landscape photographers worldwide with immensely successful careers, and a magical ability to pre-visualise and turn the most ordinary of scenes into beautiful works of photographic art.

Now working together as a team enlightening, enthusing and empowering the next generation of photographers these two guys offer what is arguably the most comprehensive and valuable of learning experiences currently available worldwide.

From capture to process to print these two good-humoured wizards have undoubtedly now influenced my career and enabled me to take my own photography to a higher level that I’d long aspired towards but struggled to attain.

Thanks Guys!”


South Africa

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