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What’s wrong with this picture??

14 Jul 2010 at 9:08am

Now at first glance you see a couple of fellas taking a nice photo up at Mount Buffalo. Now look closer, no not at my grey hair, who the hell is on the wrong side of the safety fence??? None other than resident adventure man Markie Mark Stothard. Now as a veteran of over 3000 parachute jumps this was no big deal………… to him. I had gravy stains in my jocks and after several attempts to encourage him back off the edge of the slippery rocks I relented. Then my competitive streak kicked in, maybe he will drop his camera off the side and then I had a better chance of winning the Alpine Challenge. Unfortunately he didn’t and now the bastard has been voted with the top photo from the trip of the autumn tree in Mount Beauty.

Goes to show with a DSLR and balls of steel anything is possible. I was happy with my safe spot, ok I didn’t win any challenges but I still have the camera everyone wants. With a phase and marshmallow balls you can still achieve greatness.

On ya Markie youdahellman!!

Oh I must thank Tom Tommy Putt for the photo, he was kind enough to shoot a few pics of us for our adoring fans! And secretly for himself. yikes, don’t even want to go there!! Love ya Tommy!

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