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Hamersley Ranges

6 Jul 2010 at 8:18am

Hamersley Ranges, Pilbara

This was shot last week on a trip to the Pilbara that Michael and I did. We were lucky to get to this cool spot and didn’t even know it was there until we climbed up a hill to get a view over a valley. Oh to have a heli to explore the Hamersley Ranges. You could get some of the best shots imaginable. It was freezing cold when we were up there and blowing about 30 knots. I had to hide behind a very thin tree to sheild the camera from the wind and the sun flare. I like the result.

Phase One 645DF, 150mm f/2.8, P65+.

Single image cropped to panoramic. Still almost 38″ wide at full res. Not bad and will push to 60″ easily, if not bigger.

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