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Karijini Landscapes

12 Apr 2011 at 7:55pm

To show I still know how to take pretty landscapes I have included a couple from our last workshop there with Tony Hewitt and Pete Eastway. We will be running it again next year. Let me know if your keen to get on the waiting list. Top one is Dales Gorge the bottom Hancock Gorge. Shot on the magnificent Phase One of course. I am printing up heaps of new Phase stuff for the new release of images to be on display at my Margaret River gallery from easter.

Phase One 645DF Body, P65+ back, 80mm Schneider lens, the best combination I have found for superb quality you have to see printed big.

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Hamersley Ranges

6 Jul 2010 at 8:18am

Hamersley Ranges, Pilbara

This was shot last week on a trip to the Pilbara that Michael and I did. We were lucky to get to this cool spot and didn’t even know it was there until we climbed up a hill to get a view over a valley. Oh to have a heli to explore the Hamersley Ranges. You could get some of the best shots imaginable. It was freezing cold when we were up there and blowing about 30 knots. I had to hide behind a very thin tree to sheild the camera from the wind and the sun flare. I like the result.

Phase One 645DF, 150mm f/2.8, P65+.

Single image cropped to panoramic. Still almost 38″ wide at full res. Not bad and will push to 60″ easily, if not bigger.

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More From Karijini

2 May 2010 at 6:50pm

Kalamina, Karijini National Park

This is a bright cheerful colourful image of the ground above Kalamina Gorge. We had a great sky but it was too thick on the horizon and our sunset was shut down mostly. Still it is a striking Pilbara scene. Kalamina gorge has lots of great shooting possibilities. There should be quite a few scenes just like this, probably around 15! we were all lined up waiting for something to happen. $ images focus stacked with Helicon. The print will be oh so sharp. You just won’t see it at this size.

Shot with the lovely Phase One, as per usual.

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