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Rod Thomas and the F-Stop Bags

29 Dec 2010 at 1:46pm

Hi Everyone

Rod Thomas has a new website. Check it out very nice work on there. He is also the importer of the amazing F-stop bag that most of the top pro’s are now using. You can buy the bags exclusively at Team Digital or if your in another state ask Rod where you can get one.

The F-Stop bag will be on show at the True North Rotto Workshop along with the great man himself, Rod that is. Make sure you book your place now or you may miss out on a fantastic day out on Australia’s leading luxury cruise ship.

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True North Rottnest Workshop 2011

16 Mar 2010 at 8:12pm

Well the team at True North have put together an amazing workshop for next Australia day and beyond. Have a look at the TRUE NORTH WEBSITE to get a feel for what is going to happen.

What I can also tell you is Nick Rains, Tony Hewitt and myself will be back to run a full three day workshop on the boat.

The 3 day workshop will include

Taking photographs – Composition, capture, camera settings, light

Post Production – RAW image conversion, photoshop techniques, other software used for specific results, sharpening and output to web and printers.

Colour Management – setting up monitors, profiling devices, icc profiles

Printing – colour managed workflow to obtain the best prints possible

Each of the three tutors will be available for one on one tuition as well as running at least 2 workshops each per day on the above topics and more such as

Pre-visualisation, creation, photographic themes, styles and inspiration

Now is the time to book your place as this is going to be very popular. Where else can you get to learn photography in luxury at one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Prices include the workshop and the usual True North luxury

Explorer Class Cabin:               4499 pp

River Class Cabin:                     3999 pp

Ocean Class Cabin:                   3499 pp

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True Norths New Website

22 Feb 2010 at 11:01am

True North has a new website and it looks pretty fantastic. It has Michaels videos on it and lots of great photos by Mark. Check it out and whilst your at it book a trip.

Mark and I are working on the True North / Rotto trip extravaganza for next year and lets just say it will be bigger and better than the last one. Keep an eye on this blog for more details.

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FotoFreo 2010

8 Dec 2009 at 2:51am

Since the end of FF2008, planning has been underway for 2010. While the workshop program is just small part of the overall FF2010 it promises to bring informative and fun element to the program. The committee believed this wokshop program should be about the craft of capturing images. So the courses have been designed to be as handson as they can be . Team Digital have been part of FotoFreo for many years now, and look forward to helping make this program the most successful yet.
FotoFreo 2010 Workshops Program is being finalised and as we can get more information about each course , we’ll post more details. You can book or get more detail direct from www.fotofreo.com. Look under the What’s On menu. Bookings are online through Paypal.
Heres a brief outline of whats on offer. We think its got something for everyone.

Ten Tips for Better Use of your Digital Compact by Dale Neill on Saturday 13th March
Practical Workshop: Creative Control of your Digital Camera by Dale Neill on Saturday 13th March
Children Photography by Craig Cooper on Monday 5th April
Portrait Photography (Natural Light) by Shaireen Van Tuil on Monday 5th April
Figuratively Speaking – The Fine Art of the Nude by Brett Dorron on Thursday 8th April
Painting with Light and Studio by Greg Hocking on Tuesday 13th April
Painting with Light and Night Photography by Greg Hocking on Wednesday 14th April
Digital Infrared Photography by Mark England on Saturday 17th April
Hollywood Fashion by David Wooley (Date TBC) Looks like the 31st March
Landscape Photography by Nick Melidonis (Date TBC)

Stay tuned for full details

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