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Michael Schumachers Dad

9 Jan 2009 at 6:15am

farmland-pembi No his dad isn’t a hay bale or even a potato waiting to grow in a rich farming paddock. He is the owner of Bellarmine winery in Pemberton. Talk about me name dropping!. Me and the Schooo, as I like to call him, are very close. Unfortunately he wouldn’t even know I exist!! That will change when he gets all the photos of his vineyard. “Well what in the hell are you banging on about Fletch” This is a photo of a paddock not far from his property. I know it’s a stretch but how else can I make myself sound important! And Mr Schumacher if your reading this, I can fly to Germany to photograph anything you want any time. Now hows that for self promotion!!! Actually the tire marks at the top of the photo may have been made by Michael or Ralf!!!

On another note, sorry I haven’t replied to any posts for a few days, I am just so busy it is hard to get time. Will answer all the questions by next week, promise.

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