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Rudall River Sunrise

8 Jun 2010 at 3:46pm

Karlamilyi National Park

I have decided to head off in another direction to see where it takes me. I am always inspired by paintings done by the masters and have been trying to get that painterly feel for ages. I think this image has its place, possibly not in my gallery for sale but in my own private collection of work that interests me. Maybe they could be one offs, maybe they will get binned after a week. I might wake up tomorrow and wonder what the hell I was thinking. Still it is a path I must take and at the moment the exploration is pretty fun. My wife gave me the thumbs up on this one, I suspect Merv might give me a big NUP.

This was in the Karlamilyi national park and Les and I nicknamed it “Jurassic Park”. If only we had some aboriginals camped under a tree or a swagman to add to the feel of the image. I think the only thing moving around out there was Peter Eastway, if you look real hard you might see him. Talk about where’s Wally?

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