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Sugarloaf Rock, Not another one!

14 Apr 2010 at 6:25am

Sugarloaf Rock

Sugarloaf Rock

Ok, Ok I know this place has been shot to death but it is in my backyard in fact only a 10 minute drive from my front door. I had the choice of going for a bike ride in 80kmph winds or go take some pics. Sorry to my riding buddies, work got in the way! Some times you just have to leave the lycra at the door.

Shot with the Phase One of course. Unfortunately as this was a 30 second exposure the image isn’t as sharp as I would have liked also I didn’t stack the focus on this one. I will print it today and take to the Phase one night being held at Team Digital. If you want to see it in the flesh come and say hello.

P65+, 45mm Phase lens, 645df and my trusty Gitzo tripod that I am falling in love with!

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Photomatix tone mapping plugin for Photoshop

19 Nov 2009 at 11:48am

The Monastery

This is a photo I took in New Norcia the other month with photographers Mark Stothard, David Bettini and Greg Munyard. After seeing Marks photo of the old mansion in Trinidad I got all inspired to have a crack my own architectural photography. This was again tone mapped from a single image in photoshop with the photomatix plugin. I am really loving doing this on just the single images, I haven’t seemed to get too many noise issues, nothing Noise Ninja couldn’t fix anyway. This image was taken with the 5D mark II and my trusty Canon 50mm f/1.2 god I love that lens.

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New Norcia Compilation

6 Oct 2009 at 2:29pm

preist illust

Whilst I’m on the theme of religion and since we were at New Norcia, a town that seems to have religion at its core I thought I would work up a composite image (thanks Stakky for the inspiration).
All the elements in this image were shot hand held with the 50mm and put together and blended. I love doing this sort of stuff because it really makes you think about how to achieve the results you want. This is for fun, just toying with religion, I think I might become a monk, I hear they are brewing beer these days!! This statue was of a particularly grim looking dude, anyone know who he is??? Doesn’t look friendly. New Norcia is great for photography but if the walls could talk there must be some horror stories that have come out of that place.

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Pithara Bowling Club

4 Oct 2009 at 12:59pm

bowling club

Ok so I did make the guys wait around whilst I took this pic. It was pretty unique, and summed up this dying town. It was pretty sad really and as a business person I know how hard it is to make ends meet. I feel for anyone who has to loose something they have worked hard for. Such is life, and as Malcolm Fraser said “it wasn’t meant to be easy”
Is it a good shot? well it isn’t bad, will it sell, no way!!!! Still I enjoyed taking it so who cares, this one is for me. Wow I’m starting to sound like an artist!!

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This is the final word on Resizing for ASP

24 Apr 2009 at 4:45am

Hi guys and girls, this is the nuts and bolts of uploading your images to me and everything you need to know, sure there will be some more questions and I will be happy to answer them if they are not in here. Ok here goes.

First look at the video of how I do it on vimeo. Now I know the audio doesn’t work but if you scroll down to where it says download Quicktime Version it will work. Do this, it is important to watch the video first. you can see it here.

Then once you have your images resized fill out the membership form (still to Come)

You then need to  send me an email that has the details of every image you submit. I need to know.

  • the name of the file (your initials must make up the first letters i.e. MS_506P.jpg the MS standing for Mark Stothard)
  • the size of the photo @300dpi
  • a title you want to give the photo
  • tags you want to assign to the photo (i.e. if it is a pic of the harbour bridge you might say bridge, sydney, sydney harbour, sunset, etc) This will make it easier to find the photo if someone is searching for it.
  • a description (i.e. took this photo of the sydney harbour bridge on a cold wet day whilst on a shoot for K-mart etc, etc) This will help the asp ranking in google.

All this needs to be sent to us in an email or a word document so we can cut and paste it into the document when uploading to the site. If we don’t get this we won’t be uploading the work.

Questions asked and answered-

– If we submit a photo to ASP do you expect to have exclusive rights to it as a stock image? No, you can use your images for what ever you want. This is just another way to make money on your work and getting it out to a wider audience. You can remove it from the site anytime you want. I won’t be making you hand over all rights to ASP. You also retain the high res file for your security, all we will ask is for you to send the file to our client, most likely by FTP.
– What file size do you need the images to be? The images you supply to us only need be small versions for our website. The sizes are as per the video tutorial.
– Do you have a minimum quality in mind (ie would images from a 6MP DSLR be acceptable ?) No, we don’t want any files that are under say 20mb. It needs to be able to reproduce as an A4 size @ 300dpi minimum. We will need to know the size of the image when you submit it.
– How much post processing will you accept, i.e. are you looking for images pretty much straight from the camera or doesn’t it matter? We want images that are worked ready to go that are in RGB. The photoshopping must be of a high quality and only images that meet our strict requirements will get in.

I have received and installed the actions file. I assume you are asking us to just run the sharpen and sat for web action and resize for web 1000px ? Yes run the action within the script and the script will sharpen and saturate the file for you. Basically everything is done in the script. If you follow the video nothing can go wrong! well almost nothing!! Don’t use any of the other actions that I emailed you only the “sharpen and Saturate for the web” one which you select in the script as per the video instructions.

– How often should we / can we submit images for approval (stole this one from Neal)? Any time you want, remembering it takes time so if you submit one day it won’t be in the next. It is a lot of work and bloody boring work at that!!

How do I send the resized images to you? We want them sent in a folder with your name on it and within that folder the three sub folders that have the different sized images in (i.e. small, medium, and large) You can then send these to us on a cd, upload to us via Pando, You send it, email if the folder size is no more than 5mb, enclose them in a carton of beer or fly them down on your private jet. Take your pic.

What happens when I sell one? When an image is sold we will contact you and direct where the image has to be sent. You keep the high res file so as to retain control of what happens to your image. We will tell you how much this image has been sold for, resize to these specifications and upload to “whoever” We handle all the contact with the client all the paperwork and you will send us a tax invoice for your share of the loot. You will be paid when we are paid.

I will work on the membership form now. This will be emailed to you and you will need to fill it out and post back to us at

  • Christian fletcher Photo Images
  • P.O. Box 137, Dunsborough, WA 6281

Thoughts I have had re ASP

I think that together we can all make this site into something that will create  exposure, money, fame and legendary status. It  would be nice to think of this site as the creme of Stock Sites around the world. It would be good to be all sitting back in years to come and going, yeah I was one of the founding photographers and my work has been used all over the world. What I would like to see is everyone involved putting a link to ASP on their blogs, telling all their friends and work mates, signing off all their emails with the link to your own personal photos on ASP and basically talking it up. If you made a blog post about your latest work on ASP that will generate hits and sales for you. As you can see from my blog and others the more you talk about a subject the more your blog and profile lifts. ASP will soon start to work on marketing the site to every web designer, graphics person, business, gallery, accommodation house, advertising agency and whoever will listen. My thoughts are to produce a small multi page full colour brochure with work from contributing photographers to send to these types of businesses. As I have been told by Dave at Clever Starfish http://www.cleverstarfish.com/ ,web designers don’t  like junk mail. This is one way to get them to have a look and let them know it is a serious site with serious content. A free CD with a slideshow could be included or at least a link to slideshow they can watch hosted somewhere else. Anything we can do to get their attention is perfect. Because ASP has been going for years, it is widely used by western australian businesses already. As soon as they know of the new functionality and expanded range of images it will keep them coming back .

I have also added a new licensing option. When people click on an image. They will now have the choice to buy the photo as a Fine Art Photograph to hang on their wall. You have the option of being involved with this, or if not, just selling your image as stock. In my eyes it is another great way to sell your work and increase your standing in the photographic hierarchy. All print sales will be handled by us and printed by us. We would contact you for your price details and pass this on to the customer. ASP will deduct money for printing, postage and administration and that figure is to be worked out between us all. My thoughts are ASP would get 40% of the sale price. Let me know what you think. ASP would stand behind the quality of the work as it is what is produced for the Christian Fletcher brand.

Anyway it’s time to do that Membership form


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Australia Stock Photos

21 Apr 2009 at 12:09pm

Hi all. Well the new Stock site is live. Some small changes will be made over the next few weeks but check it out here Australia Stock Photos

It was created by the team at Clever Starfish and I can’t say enough good things about them. If you need a website check them out here.

Now it is up to me to get the details to you so you can start submitting photos for approval to join the site. Will work on that now.

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Last Perth workshop till the end of the year

21 Apr 2009 at 5:30am

course-poster-prai I have been under the pump to run one more workshop before heading off to the East coast to shoot the place up, so here it is. To be held on the 5th of May at 6.30pm at PRA Imaging. I’m sure Brendan will have some super red hot deals on the night too if anyone wants to buy a new Nikon or Canon! See the brochure for more details. Hope you can get to it. Sorry to those who just drove to Dunsborough to attend the last workshop, think of it as a forced holiday and I was doing you a favour. :-0) Details of PRA can be found here.


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Accommodation in the Southwest

16 Apr 2009 at 1:48am

ee-thin-beach-logo Hi all if your getting down to one of my workshops and are looking for a nice place to crash try this website. Exclusive Escapes They have lots of great places to stay.

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Two spots just made available for this Weekend Workshop

15 Apr 2009 at 1:35am

I have just had two late cancellations for this weekends workshop the 18th. If you want to get on this one let me know asap. It is at my Dunsborough gallery time is 7.30pm till late.


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