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Roll your Tongues back in Girls

15 Nov 2010 at 12:07pm

These guys in PNG are warriors. They just have to look at us white, flabby, western powder puffs and we would drop dead. They made me keep my shirt on for 7 days and my inspiration now is to paddle my way around Geographe Bay for the next 20 years so I can look that good too. Now this guy would have made his own canoe and house and probably spends his day fishing, collecting food and relaxing in a tropical paradise. Tell me, who has the richer life?

Shot on the trusty 5D2, ah what a camera. I actually enjoyed the ease of use and the automation that makes you get shots in a hurry. But alas if this was shot on the Phase the guys muscles would have looked even bigger.

That brings me on to why we should shop locally for camera equipment. Ben from Team Digital had a loan Phase body ready for me when I got off the plane in Perth. As I will be in Tasmania shooting in 4 days time that is a god send. It seems the only problem I can find is with the shutter on the 645DF, thankfully the cheapest part of the system. Now if I had bought my camera from the US I would be stuffed. Thanks Ben you have saved my bacon.

Shop local guys and keep the money in Australia. I always say service is better than price and this is a classic example of why.

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Home from Papua New Guinea

15 Nov 2010 at 9:55am

We have just got back from the adventure of a lifetime. PNG is unbelievable and a must see destination. I will reveal more of our experiences as time permits this week as there are some great photos and stories to be shared. Firstly I want to thanks Mark and Craig from True North for giving me the opportunity to get on board for another memorable experience and also to the crew who are amazing and a credit to Northstar Cruises. Thanks guys.

Also a big thanks to Benny from Team Digital for lending me the amazing Elinchrom Ranger Quadra portable lights. This portrait of one of the locals was lit with that system and I think it is probably one of my best ever portraits. The lights add a quality you just don’t get with natural light. They are also so light and portable I actually took this shot with one hand on the camera and the other holding the light. Now that is pretty cool. Team Digital have all the prices. I will be looking to buy a kit myself. I loved using it.

Lastly I want to thank Flemming for coming along to experience PNG with us. We had a ball together and he has some amazing photos too that I’m sure will be on his blog by now! Also he is coming back to Perth later this year. I want to get the tribe together to give him a great Aussie welcome so will make some plans soon. I am thinking a south coast shoot, maybe Esperance. I know he would like to meet all you out there in blog world!

I can’t say it is good to be back but I did miss my computer, oh and the kids!!

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