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PODAS New Zealand 3

6 Dec 2011 at 1:31am

This is on a hill overlooking Queenstown. It is a North Korean Prison camp set made for a movie. It looks so real until you get up close and realise it is wood frame with a concrete wash to make it look like solid concrete walls. It was great fun to shoot and I was surprised to see who they had painted on the side. The top photo was shot with the IQ180, 645DF body and the 28mm F/2.8.

I have been amazed at the people on this workshop. They have come from all over the world to be here. One guy even has 4 Phase one backs and about 6 pro labs in the Philippines. Another guy has his own Phase kit and just bought along his RED Epic to capture some video, it is very cool to be mixing with all the participants. Great people all with the same passion. We are all scratching our heads and trying to work out how Phase are putting on this spread, the value for money is incredible. I have put on so much weight, 3 course meals every day and an open bar! Dangerous to the weak!!! Thats me!

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Awesome Phase One news

15 Sep 2011 at 11:47am

My blog has been neglected over the past couple of weeks and I have just got back from the first trip of the Southwest Project. There is some KOOL things coming up and other news about my Phase One gear.

The best news is my IQ180 has just arrived. I took it out for a bit of a test run yesterday and my heart just melted. On opening some of the files I wept openly for a good 10 seconds as before me was the closest I have come to photographic perfection in my life. Forget the wife, forget the kids, forget coke, this back redefines what love really is all about. (ok my family is still better but only just!!!) For fun I dropped a p65 file on to the new IQ180 file to see how much extra real estate I have to work with and it was pretty substantial. A full res file printed at 240dpi will give you a 43″ x 32″ photo. Now drop the res to 180dpi which is what I am printing most of my images at these days and the print size jumps to 57″ x 43″. I can only just print that size with the Epson 9900. Woo hoo, that is awesome. Will post some images from this beast soon.

Now using the IQ180 is unbelievable, the screen is so impressive and I think probably the best from any camera manufacturer on the planet in terms of usability. double tap the screen and you get 100% view. None of this push the button and hold till you get 1000% view. What is it with that on dslrs? Where is 100% view on a 5D2?? That is as far in as you need to go in my mind, tell me if I’m wrong. The other benefit of the IQ180 is the extra half a stop of dynamic range. Doesn’t sound like much but it is huge. Man I can’t wait to get this blog post up and get out shooting again.


The other KOOL news is Phase One have invited me to be an instructor on their next PODAS (Phase One Digital Artist Series) Workshop. I will be teaching how to best use the cameras and also instruct on my workflow and photoshop techniques. The other instructors you might have heard of, Ken Duncan, Jackie Rankin and Mike Langford. Now for the good part, it is being held in New Zealand at the start of December. See the link below for all the details on the workshop.



The excitement continues, did you know that 7 out of the 12 winners at the APPA’s were shooting with Phase One? So why not get one for yourself. I used to spend $50,000 a year on film and processing back in the dark ages and thought nothing of it. Any serious pro just has to think back to those times and it was just part of the reality of the day. Now with cheap digital cameras we have forgotten about that cost. So, trying to justify spending some coin on the best camera in the world, just remember that fact. Stop whining about it go and get yourself into medium format, you will never look back and your clients will see the difference.

Team Digital have a couple of Phase backs for sale at bargain prices. They have a P30 and a P65+. The 65 is an absolute bargain, if someone doesn’t snap it up soon they are crazy. Have a look at their Blog to see more details.


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