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Men in Hats

23 Feb 2010 at 2:43pm

Have you ever seen a bigger bunch of photo geeks in your life. Should we be looking up to these guys or laughing at them……… ok lets laugh. All we need in there is Ken Duncan and Peter Lik and it would be a circus!

Thanks to the very talented Nicole Yardley for the use of the photos. Nicole was one of the PH Photography students who joined us for some cool adventures. Her photos look mint, geez she must of had a great teacher ;-0)
Well maybe just great talent.

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Port Hedland Aerial

12 Feb 2010 at 4:03am

Dampier Salt

Day one of our trip to Port Hedland and Form had organised a heli flight over town and the surrounding area. Of course there were only three seats going so it was decided that only the best photographers would get a flight. Luckily Tony pulled out so I got to join Les and Pete for a burn around in an old Jet Ranger. All the doors were off so we had a great view. It was Les’s first flight in a chopper and when he managed to get his hands unstuck from the sides of the fuselage he¬†¬†pinged off a few shots. Pete was blasting away on the Phase One but with vibrations and wind it isn’t as easy as I had it with the Nikon D3x. Ok as Pete likes to tell me, “they look great as an 8″x10”, I told him who wants all that resolution and who has a wall big enough to hang a pic from a medium format camera. Then he bangs on about capturing in 16 bit and I just switch off, who needs it??? I hate it when he does that, I’m not listening lalalala lalala…….

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