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Just when you thought I was back!!!

30 Jan 2011 at 9:44pm

Forget the wheelie bins, Shopping trolleys are so now! Not only can you get your groceries to the car you can photograph it it in compromising positions.

What does this shot mean? If I can explain it then it is art and worthy of a million dollar price tag! here goes!

"The conviction is general that a compendious elementary treatise on the principles of design and the methods of execu- tion in the fine arts is a special desideratum in Australian photography. The general education of Australian youth, male and female, the aspiration of men in every pursuit to fit themselves for cultured society, the growing fondness for foreign travel, have awakened a desire for compendious information as to the great world of art. The limited time given to general education, and the brief leisure of business men, have created in Australia a demand for shopping trollies."

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