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Resizing images for ASP 2

22 Apr 2009 at 4:17am

Hi all, well it seems the video is dodgy, gee I wish I knew more about this web stuff. Anyway the video is on Vimeo but it has no sound. If you go to the page it is on in vimeo here and then scroll down to click on the link that says “Download Quicktime Version” it should work fine. Delete it off your computer when you have finished. Fingers crossed!! I will email everyone the actions today, so if you don’t get it remind me. If you follow the instructions it isn’t hard to do this. Now some questions to answer from Dave.

– If we submit a photo to ASP do you expect to have exclusive rights to it as a stock image? No, you can use your images for what ever you want. This is just another way to make money on your work and getting it out to a wider audience. You can remove it from the site anytime you want. I won’t be making you hand over all rights to ASP. You also retain the high res file for your security, all we will ask is for you to send the file to our client, most likely by FTP.
– What file size do you need the images to be? The images you supply to us only need be small versions for our website. The sizes are as per the video tutorial.
– Do you have a minimum quality in mind (ie would images from a 6MP DSLR be acceptable ?) No, we don’t want any files that are under say 20mb. It needs to be able to reproduce as an A4 size @ 300dpi minimum. We will need to know the size of the image when you submit it.
– How much post processing will you accept, i.e. are you looking for images pretty much straight from the camera or doesn’t it matter? We want images that are worked ready to go that are in RGB. The photoshopping must be of a high quality and only images that meet our strict requirements will get in.

What I want to achieve from this collaboration with other photographers is a Stock Website that will blow others out of the water. I want images that show the best that Australia and the rest of the world have to offer. Together we can all promote this new site to our friends, family, businesses, web designers, graphic artists, etc etc.The exposure your images will get across the world will be fantastic. It is just another way to lift your profile and ranking in the photographic world. By being accepted as a contributor to ASP you will be recognised as a photographer of merit and other work will flow from this.

Another important point is how you will label your files. I am thinking each photographer will need to add his initials to the beginning of the file name i.e. DC_f003X.tif , the DC standing for Dave Catley. We need every file name to be unique. Your name will appear under your images when they are opened from the thumbnail and people will be able to search for your images by typing your name into the search section. You will also be able to see all the images you have contributed to the site by using this personal link http://www.australiastockphotos.com/search/christian fletcher/

obviously you enter your own name in not mine. You can add this to your webpage, your blog, under every email you send out etc, If we can all talk this site up we will all benefit in the end.

Another thought I had was to make all your images available for sale to the masses. This is something that could work very well as we sell images from our stock site as decor prints all the time. We would take a cut of the sale and would print and post your order with very little work needed to be done by yourself. This is still an idea and would like to here everyones thoughts on it.

Keep an eye on your mail for the actions. Will also need to email out a application form to join the site and have all your details on file.

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Australia Stock Photos

21 Apr 2009 at 12:09pm

Hi all. Well the new Stock site is live. Some small changes will be made over the next few weeks but check it out here Australia Stock Photos

It was created by the team at Clever Starfish and I can’t say enough good things about them. If you need a website check them out here.

Now it is up to me to get the details to you so you can start submitting photos for approval to join the site. Will work on that now.

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