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Two things you can do with a Phase One IQ180

24 May 2013 at 2:03pm

Two things you can do with a Phase One IQ180

amali iso3200

I never new how good the IQ180 actually is in low light. You just need to use it right. The above portrait was taken at 3200 iso (yes thats right 3200 iso) on my IQ180. It was handheld at F/2.8 @ 1/40th of a second from memory. I used the sensor plus function on the camera which combines 4 pixels into one. You end up with a 20mb file but hey I used to be really happy with 20mb. It has opened  my eyes to all new shooting possibilities with the Phase.



This shot of the surf was taken today, ok it isn’t the best surf photo in the world but with all that backlighting and spray the contrast was out of control. Not for a Phase One luckily. The detail in the foam and spray is incredible. The 240mm Schneider was the lens of choice today, man it is sharp when you nail it.

So just when I thought I needed to buy a Nikon to do some low light stuff my Phase One IQ180 comes to the rescue. Just love it!


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Three Bears Cranking

2 Jun 2010 at 1:59pm

Three Bears

I have too much to do after being away but I can’t focus. I only want to take photos not work for a living. This morning the sunrise was crazy, noticing the swell was up I decided to get a pic of Three Bears off it’s nut! The Phase One is actually turning out to be a pretty good surf camera. The water detail is so amazing with this machine.

Phase one P65+

150mm Phase lens

Phase one 645DF body

Gitzo Tripod and my new Kata bag.

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