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The brand New TNFP shirts are GO!!

29 Apr 2009 at 6:11am

Hi guys the TNFP shirts are printed and will be shipped as soon as I get some addresses. On the list we have Matt Inman x 2, (have your address Matt), Tom Parkes x 1, Adrian Wayte x 2, Steve Gordon x 1, Rod Thomas x 1, Phil Maguire x 1, Craig Chiswell x 1. These are $35 each plus $7.50 postage and handling. So can you guys send me an email to confirm the details and let me know where to send the shirts to. 

Also I have a range of TNFP shirts going out at cost because the printer reversed the text, the TNFP is in orange on the black shirt without the box around it, not as spunky as the original. Let me know if you want one, price is $25 buckaroonies, what an absolute bargain!!

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