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The Landscape 500 Results

17 Nov 2010 at 12:50pm

To all those who are wondering who won the Landscape 500 we are just waiting for the final judging to be done. The judges are very busy people and they have to fit it in between work commitments. The word I have so far is there are some amazing images that have been submitted. I can’t wait to see the results myself.

I am hoping it will be finished up in the next few days but then of course I will be heading to Tasmania so I will sort things when I get some internet coverage.

Thanks for your patients, it is a big thing putting on a competition, bigger than I thought.

Keep an eye on the blog for the results. Or if you get an email from me personally you have won a prize.

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Landscape 500 Awards

28 Jul 2010 at 3:07pm

People have been asking me for more details of the competition and when it is going to be launched. Well like all good things they take time. One question was what are the images you can enter?

I will accept any landscape image that contains man made elements such as cars, buildings, wharves, planes etc as features within that landscape. I will accept urban landscapes, streetscapes, seascapes, animals, closeups of the landscape, skyscapes and so on as long as the landscape is the more dominant feature. A closeup of a flower or a bird, however would not be considered eligible to enter. A portrait of a person is ok as long as it is an environmental portrait not a close up of a face. A wedding shot can also be included if the bride and groom are not looking at the camera and smiling but are a small speck in the background. In the end we all shoot different things and not always a straight landscape. The AIPP has a category for these images and they call it Illustrative. Well that just about includes everything we shoot! Confused! Don’t be, just think hard about what you are entering. In the end we won’t be that harsh with what gets in, just don’t enter something that is obviously not a landscape in the broad confines of this competition!!

Anyway it’s my comp and I make the rules right?

I expect the competition to go on-line some time next week. That gives you this weekend to get out and shoot that scene you have always wanted to get but couldn’t find a good enough reason.

The photos that will win this competition will be perfect in every way, composition, exposure, colour, contrast. All the elements needed to make a great photo. Most of all it needs to be something that will make the judges go WOW. I have done a bit of on-line judging now and you can get pretty frustrated with simple errors that will make or break an image. Things like, a crooked horizon, I never have those!, dust spots, filled in blacks, blown highlights. If you have any of these things go back and rework it. This is not just a competition it is a lesson in how well you can present your image and a benchmark to see where your work stands against other photographers. Competitions are fun and the excitement of winning a prize is actually usually better than the prize. When I was a top 10 finalist in the Hasselblad Masters Awards I just about wept I was so happy. I am a bit of a girl though!! All I got for that was a certificate but that hangs in my gallery and is my most treasured award to date.

More details to come, in the mean time the image below would be considered eligible to enter.

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