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Karijini and Kununurra 2014 Workshops just announced

23 Oct 2013 at 9:52am

Karijini and Kununurra 2014 Workshops just announced

Pete Eastway, Tony Hewitt and myself are again running our hugely popular Karijini workshop in April 2014. Because of the success of this style of workshop we are now also planning to do a similar workshop this time in Kununurra. So we will have the Pilbara and Kimberley regions both covered for those wanting to escape the colder months.

However this time it is different, this time we have the Australian Photographer of the Year along. Yes thats right Tony Hewitt as you may have heard took out all the major photography awards this year. He is the greatest Landscape photographer to have ever been to Karijini with us! How could you not learn from this guy. How do you think Pete and I get good images, we look at what Tony does. All jokes aside, you will be hard pressed to find a better instructor anywhere in the world better than our Tony Tone.

As for Peter Eastway, he has won the Professional Photographer of the year 3 times, count em, that is THREE times! The guy is a god when it comes to Landscape photography, he also has some of the worst jokes ever told in recent history. Be prepared to be inspired, to laugh and to learn from the second best photographer to ever walk the dusty tracks of Karijini.

Then there is me, humble, quiet, polite and happy to be runner up to these two blokes. Sure I have galleries and the best job in the world selling landscape photographs but do I have the trophy for the Australian Photographer of the year? NO. So what will you get from me? There is only one word to describe that,…………….. PURE  AWESOMENESS, ok thats two words.  And that is me being humble!

So join us on one or both of these epic adventures. Before you know it YOU will be Australian Photographer of the year and Pete, Tone and myself will be flipping burgers at Macdonalds.







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Karijini With Eastway, Hewitt and Fletcher

24 Feb 2011 at 10:32am

We have had some spot become available for our world famous workshop to Karijini National Park. If you can make it I need to know asap. The details are:-

Dates are the 24th of March 2011 through to the 27th

Cost will be $2780 for the workshop Tuition

Food and accommodation will be $170 per day and consists of shared accommodation and three meals a day. This is to be paid directly to the Karijini Eco Retreat.

We cover everything you need to know about capturing images, RAW conversion, post production with software like photoshop, nik, and others and finally teach you the critical stuff like colour management and fine art printing. It is a full on 4 days with two shoots a day and classes in between shooting. Great fun and to be in that location is awesome.

Here is what others said about the workshop

Thanks so much Christian, Peter and Tony. Can’t believe how much I learnt and improved. I’m revisitng all of my images taken prior to the workshop, that’s how far I progressed. For anyone reading this and thinking of going next year, it was awful, don’t bother coming!! #evil laughter, patting of fluffy white cat#    Darriene

Good to see you made it back safely. It was an amazing weekend, the instructors, participants and the location is out of this world. I stopped in at Hamersley gorge and that is also an amazing place that we didn’t get to in the workshop. Andre Joanisse

Thanks for a brilliant long weekend, I really needed an atmosphere like that to spur me on. I think we all learnt something from each other, including the instructors. Matthew Inman

Mate love to join you three jokers again in 2011 picked up heaps last workshop.  Andrew Stevens

Come and join us, it will be a fantastic experience again and with all the water that they have had the waterfalls will be amazing

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Australia Day Workshop

23 Dec 2010 at 12:12pm

What is 50m long, has 6 tender boats, a helicopter, 5 star luxury and floats???

Yes, you guessed it, True North. Now what if I was to say we are running the Australia Day workshop again like last year. Would you get excited, hell yeah!

It’s on, the best one day workshop the planet has ever seen. 26th of January 2011, leaving Fremantle. If you missed out last time don’t sit back thinking it won’t fill again.

This is the last chance to get that christmas shopping done. Why not shout your wife, your husband, your lover, even the dog would learn something!

So the speakers will be

Christian Fletcher – You know who I am.

Tony Hewitt – The youngest Grand Master Photographer ever. (can see a great composition with his eyes closed)

Nick Rains – Master photographer and editor of Better Digital Camera Magazine (hobbies include reading manuals)

Michael Fletcher – The video Guy (Has a famous brother I believe)

To book your place email or call the True North office. 08 9192 1829  or cruise@northstarcruises.com.au Cost is $295 per person and includes lunch, tea and coffee and 4 world class speakers.

What will make this workshop special is the depth of knowledge the speakers have. Tony is one of Australia’s leading visual artist, in fact one of the worlds leading visual artists with wins at WPPI in Las Vegas against photographers from other countries.

Nick is one of the smartest men in photography today, his humour and presentation skills will have you wanting more.

Michael is the leading dslr video exponent in the state with stunning visuals and all the techniques to share that will have you shooting and editing masterpieces to rival the best in hollywood!

As for me, I will be bringing to the table the latest photoshop techniques I am using and more. Some say that I could even make one of Mervs photos look good. That is pushing it though!

I will post more details as they come to hand but the main thing is you book now. This gig will fill super fast. The experience of True North coupled with the best photography workshop in Australia makes it a must do event. We will cruise to Rottnest and commence the workshops. You will be able to see all of the speakers and then join them for a sunset on Rottnest with your camera getting tips to improve your captures. We will then cruise back to Fremantle under the stars to cap off a memorable day.

And yes if your wondering that is Flemming Bo Jensen on the deck of True North

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Tony Hewitt Workshop

13 Oct 2010 at 12:10pm

My good mate Tony Hewitt has his new workshop happening at Rottnest on the 5th to the 7th of November. There are only a few places left so don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to learn from the youngest Grand Master Photographer ever!

Rottnest in early summer . . awesome!

Creating award winning images . . . inspriring !

A weekend Masterclass on Rotto with one of Australia’s best illustrative photographers . . . priceless !

In this Masterclass Tony Hewitt (Australia’s youngest Grand Master of Photography) will :

guide you on sunrise and sunset shoots

dissect step by step some of his amazing award winning imagery

share his amazing ability to ‘see’ what others miss

unveil some of the secrets that can’t be found in the photography books

offer the opportunity for you to have an internationally recognised photographic judge comment and offer feedback on your own work

To secure your place go to : http://denisglennon.com/tony-hewitt-masterclass-on-rottnest-island/

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