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Swift Bay Cave

12 Apr 2012 at 1:07pm

Today we went to look at the Bradshaw rock art in Swift Bay. Behind it was a fantastic cave. This is an abstract I shot. I wanted to do something different as a cave isn’t all that interesting. This looks like an Egyptian sculpture. I darkened the rocks to create a graphic design. The gold of the rocks adds to the look.

After we shot this we jumped back in the tender boats and came across a great little croc. It was very friendly and came up to the boat for a look. They are magic creatures.


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Eagle Falls Day 3

11 Apr 2012 at 8:56am

Yesterday we were at Eagle Falls. It is one of the most epic spots on the planet. Markie, Jen and I walked to the bottom of the falls to capture this shot. I don’t think anyone has ventured do there before. It is a bit of a rock climb and bush bash but worth the effort. There is a freshwater croc that lives in this waterhole and when you zoom in to this image you can see it sleeping on the rocks to the right. It is way bigger than it looks and a fall from the top would mean certain death. You might just notice the guy on the right of the waterfall who gives it some scale.

Just after walking back to the top the skies unleashed a huge rainstorm. We all got soaked but it was so nice. Markie had his brolly out but even he had to zip up the camera bag. It was that heavy. The Kimberley at this time is awesome. So humid and have had cloud everyday.

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News and Updates

23 Jan 2012 at 12:58pm

Thanks to everyone that attended the workshop with Nick Rains and myself last weekend at Bunker Bay. It was great fun and I hope you all learnt a great deal about getting the best images possible. Keep an eye on the blog for our new workshop announcements and if you want to get on my mailing list please let me know.

Next week I will be in South Australia shooting with the new Fujifilm X-Pro1. I will be reporting on my findings so make sure you tune in to read all about it. I will be going with my bro, who will be filming the whole thing, Kevin Cooper from Fuji, who happens to be a great shooter as well and Michael Coyne, legendary photojournalist. The guy has done some amazing work. See his website here I have to say this camera looks pretty exciting, and what I have heard so far is going to be a game changer.

The next South West Light trip kicks off in a couple of weeks and the boys will be over to create some amazing images. This will be our last shoot before working on finalising an exhibition date and location. We also hope to publish a book of the images which is going to be spectacular to say the least, I am biased!!!

Update on Emails I just have too many to get back to everyone, if I haven’t replied to you please don’t take it the wrong way, I read everything, just don’t have enough hours in the day. So sorry if you are one of those people.

Other Workshops Coming up – Don’t forget the ultimate workshop aboard True North in April this year. See my blog post here for details.



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