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PODAS Kimberley

26 Aug 2012 at 7:29pm

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?

Instructors: Michael Reichmann, Art Wolfe and Christian Fletcher
The Kimberley, also known as ‘Paradise on Earth,’ is located in beautiful Western Australia, and was one of the earliest settled parts of Australia. Where the sky meets the land, the desert meets the sea, where white sands, red rocks and cobalt blue waters come together, here rests the town of Broome from where your journey will begin.

As with all PODAS adventures you’ll quite literally “hit the ground (and water) running.” Each participant will be shooting this adventure with a state-of-art 60 megapixel Phase One IQ160 camera system. Your images will be rich with more detail and color than you ever thought possible.

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So looking forward to this workshop. If you were ever going to go on True North then this is the cruise for you. It will be  just for photography with some awesome instructors.

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Winyalkan Island Sunset

12 Apr 2012 at 7:08pm

Markie and I headed over with the rest of the passengers to have mud crabs on the beach and watch the sun go down. We decided to go for a hell walk up and over the huge rock faces that offered great vistas down the island. Over the other side we found this waterway that was cut off from the ocean at low tide. It was such a pretty scene. We got amazing light but missed the mud crabs, you can’t have it all.


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True North 2012 is ON !!!

10 Apr 2012 at 8:20am

These are some images from the first 24 hours on True North. We have had some amazing sunsets and sunrises, this morning being especially good with a huge rain front sweeping past the boat. Markie Stothard and I have been clicking away and it is a brilliant start to the trip. The water is flowing, not too much not too little. Anyway you can see from the photo.

We had a moonset on the first morning, I decided to go the Murray Fredericks style minimalist approach.

More Fredericks inspired landscapes. It is Eagle Falls today. There is epic cloud everywhere, we will be in for a good day!


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My Brother the Hero

3 Apr 2012 at 10:46am

A couple of days ago my brother Michael and one of the crew members on True North, Al, rescued another crew member, Tara Hawkes, from a croc. I was lying in bed reading when a call came through from Mark Stothard. I was amazed and proud of Michael for getting in there and helping free the girl. It isn’t something you would contemplate doing until you are in that situation, but it must have taken considerable courage for both guys to do what they did. It sounded horrific but bloody hell these guys are heros.

Michael has been on True North Filming the epic Kimberley coastline with renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom. He got Bloomie on the boat to show him the wild untamed North West and ended up seeing the wild bit first hand. I will let Michael recount the story in full when he returns home, it isn’t everyday you wrestle a croc!

Apparently Tara was amazing and well composed after the event and a very courageous girl herself.

As for a True North cruise on the Kimberley coast, do it. It is still the best trip you will ever do. They have been sailing these waters for more than 20 years so they have heaps of experience. This was a freak occurrence and they are still trying to work out how a croc got into that waterhole. It may have been an extra large king tide or the effects of a cyclone that allowed the croc to get that high out of the salt water and up the river. Thanks god they have a helicopter on board so getting to help is almost as quick as an ambulance ride. If you were out there without one things could be different. But that is the beauty of such a remote region, it is wilderness and it is unbelievable. The only problem is everything bites up there!


I’m proud of you bro, you have proved you are someone you can count on if the going gets tough. Now just don’t get any ideas about a tv show with crocodiles. That has been done!

Steve Irwin would have been proud.


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New True North PNG Cruise

1 Sep 2011 at 11:49am

North Star Cruises is pleased to announce another celebrity photography cruise featuring renowned Portrait Photographer, Joel Grimes, all the way from USA!

Joel’s work can be seen at http://joelgrimes.com/3/artist.asp?ArtistID=12191&Akey=P7FJP8B4 and here http://www.framedshow.com/archives/2155

Joel has a very unique style and has a client base featuring movie stars, musicians and sporting personalities, here is a cruise on the True North that will give you a unique opportunity to be coached by a portrait master over the 7 awe-inspiring days in Papua New Guinea!

As an added attraction, North Star is currently offering some very attractive booking incentives.

Adventures in Paradise 3 departs Cairns on the 3rd of December and returns back to Cairns on the 10th of December. The cruise fare includes return charter flights ex Cairns.

Apart from the daily Joel Grimes tutorials there will also be opportunities to enjoy world class snorkelling and diving, cultural events with local villagers, fishing and heli flights.

You can see the PNG cruise itinerary  here http://northstarcruises.com.au/

Mark Stothard will be joining the cruise and will be available for general photography tips and landscape tutorials for anyone interested. Other photographers who have done the AIP cruise include  ChristianFletcher Flemming Bo Jensen Rod Thomas and Nick Rains and all have raved about the True North experience and how pristine the country is.

PNG is a tropical paradise like no other, so come and join us for a golden opportunity to hone your skills and to explore one of the world’s last frontiers!

For bookings please call Holly on +618 9192 1829 or email to: Holly: reservations@northstarcruises.com.au

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Home from Papua New Guinea

15 Nov 2010 at 9:55am

We have just got back from the adventure of a lifetime. PNG is unbelievable and a must see destination. I will reveal more of our experiences as time permits this week as there are some great photos and stories to be shared. Firstly I want to thanks Mark and Craig from True North for giving me the opportunity to get on board for another memorable experience and also to the crew who are amazing and a credit to Northstar Cruises. Thanks guys.

Also a big thanks to Benny from Team Digital for lending me the amazing Elinchrom Ranger Quadra portable lights. This portrait of one of the locals was lit with that system and I think it is probably one of my best ever portraits. The lights add a quality you just don’t get with natural light. They are also so light and portable I actually took this shot with one hand on the camera and the other holding the light. Now that is pretty cool. Team Digital have all the prices. I will be looking to buy a kit myself. I loved using it.

Lastly I want to thank Flemming for coming along to experience PNG with us. We had a ball together and he has some amazing photos too that I’m sure will be on his blog by now! Also he is coming back to Perth later this year. I want to get the tribe together to give him a great Aussie welcome so will make some plans soon. I am thinking a south coast shoot, maybe Esperance. I know he would like to meet all you out there in blog world!

I can’t say it is good to be back but I did miss my computer, oh and the kids!!

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100% RAW Mega pickles!!

6 Apr 2010 at 8:01pm

Mark Stothard & Les Walkling

Well Tony you asked for it so here is a great example of a untouched image from the Phase One. What better way to show the ability of this camera than with my two mentors. Mark for his go for it motivation skills and Les for being the smartest photographer I have ever met. These two guys have changed my life and are good mates. Thanks fellas.

Now, so what you say, a couple of guys standing in the middle of the road. Did I mention it was raining. Have a look at the 100% crop. That says it all. And when I say it was raining it wasn’t even heavy enough to get you wet. Those drops were miniscule.

Mark Stothard and Les Walkling

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Kimberley Photos

26 Mar 2010 at 10:29pm

True North Trip 13

Markie has been pulling out some more Kimberley trip gems so not to be outdone I thought this was a great travel shot taken on an island with huge sandstone sculptures. The model was one of the passengers who was French, I know as much French as Tom Putt knows hard work! She was a natural!

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