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Another Sugarloaf Rock Photo

5 Jun 2012 at 3:40pm

Yes Sugarloaf again. I haven’t ever done a black and white version, I think!

I was there on Sunday morning with Markie Mark Stothard and Ian Wise. It was blowing a bit but the promise of a nice sunrise made up for it. We did get some nice colour in the end but I chose Black and White, go figure! ┬áIt was a fun morning out. I chose this angle because I didn’t want Sugarloaf to be the main subject. The rocks in between are still very photogenic.

I like this take and will be printing up a large version some time this week for the gallery.


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True North Australia Day Photo Competition

18 Feb 2011 at 10:20am

The top ten are now up to view and vote for on Mark Stothards blog

There are some great images in there and make sure you only vote once and for the image you like the best.

All voting is to be done on Marks blog and from those votes we will determine the three prizes.

Please do not stack the votes by emailing all your friends and getting them to choose your image. Lets make this fair and even.

Enjoy the images and you have till Sunday week to vote. That is the 27th of February.

We will publish the winners on the Monday.

Well done everyone for really pushing the creative limits of a fairly average shooting afternoon.

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Mt Beauty Autumn Tree

17 May 2010 at 8:14pm

Mount Beauty

This is a classic Victorian Autumn scene. As Tommy mentioned on his blog we were waiting for the light on this bridge whilst Markie had shot off down the river. After 30mins we thought we had better see what the guy was up to. And what did we find, Markie all over this tree like girls to a pink feather boa! There was no danger so I took the shot! The early morning fog was the icing on the cake. hmmm making me hungry! After this golden moment we went into Mt Beauty for some breakie, what a morning.

Phase one P65+, 645df body, 80mm f/2.8 Schneider lens.

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Mount Hotham Valley View

16 May 2010 at 8:51pm

Mount Hotham

Took this photo with Mark Stothard, Tommy Putt and Tony Middleton. What it doesn’t show was the apparent temperature, -2.2. It was a wee bit chilly, i.e Tommy being all rugged up. I only had an army shirt with the sleeves cut off as I don’t think -2.2 is really that cold. Still the P65 gives off a bit of heat when she is going flat out. When I’m shooting I’m running on pure adrenalin, it is UN-BELIEVABLE !!!

The old ND filter came in handy for this pic. Kept telling the boys the dynamic range of this scene was going to kill them. They kept telling me they were going to kill me if I didn’t shut up. Still you can’t argue with 12 stops of dynamic range. Ah yep, yep, yep, anyone else want to kill me?

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Salt Lake City, Rotto Style!

5 Apr 2010 at 9:41pm

Salt Lake, Rottnest Island

Just got home from an awesome weekend at Rotto on Truenorthmarks 43ft boat. No not his 50M boat, this one is a wee bit smaller and just as much fun. Still feel I am on the water though and am rocking in my chair. We were there with Marks wife and their two friends. Also our special guest was the man himself, Les Walkling. We had a great time talking art and photography and I was inspired once again to push the limits of my work. Thanks guys for a very memorable Easter.

This pic is of one of the salt lakes in the middle of Rottnest Island. We took a ride out to the guns and the lighthouse before returning to the boat for easter lunch. I’m going on a diet, we ate like kings with Crayfish and Blue Groper on the menu as well as this wicked carrot cake that must have been bad it tasted so good. I like this shot even though it isn’t a pretty beach or row of deciduous trees in autumn. There is something about salt lakes.

Shot this with the p65 and 45mm phase lens. Blisteringly sharp! I’m very impressed with the Phase One.

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