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Shop at Coles on Friday

10 Feb 2009 at 10:59pm

Coles is asking customers to plan their supermarket shop for this Friday (13 Feb), to help raise badly needed funds for the victims of the Victorian bushfires.

Coles, BiLo, Pick N.Pay and Coles Online are donating this Friday.s profits from all stores nationally to the Bushfire Appeal Fund, and hope to raise between two and four million dollars.

Now I hope this is true, I guess just check with your local store before doing a big shop. I think our Coles here in Dunsborough is the most expensive in the state, typical, so I’m hanging out to shop big and donate to the appeal. I won’t be buying any Coles Brand product either if there are any Cole Executives tuning in. I don’t like how more and more of it is creeping onto the shelves.

When they say profits, who audits that??? How much profit do they make. They might have the biggest day on record get all the hype and then say, ah, we only made a few hundred today, sorry!!
Please someone set me straight on this!

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