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My Wacom Cintiq 24HD

25 Dec 2011 at 9:50pm

Today I hooked up the Wacom Cintiq that I borrowed from my good mates at Team Digital. It was in the first minute that I realised I wouldn’t be giving it back. It is so accurate and has the same feeling you get when drawing on paper. The screen itself is probably as good as my Eizo but the experience of drawing on your screen just has to be felt! I didn’t know it could be this good.

This illustration I drew in Photoshop in a couple of hours straight on the screen. Ok I’m not the best at faces but with a bit of practice, I could still suck. This screen in the hands of an amazing artist would be deadly. It is just so so good. I love it and I’m never giving it back. Benny your just going to have to bill me! Have a look at the Cintiq videos on Youtube, it will blow your mind.

Oh and if you’re wondering who this guy is supposed to be, he is an android! what else could he be with an aerial sticking out of his head.


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Wacom Fest!!!

16 Nov 2011 at 9:18am

Well all my favourite Wacom products are now in at Team Digital. If you are into any serious editing you need a Wacom Tablet, don’t try to kid yourself you can do it with a mouse.

I am getting one of the new Cintiq 24HD screens from Wacom to trial over the Christmas break. I think it is going to add a whole new level of precision to my editing and illustrations. Can’t wait to see what it can do. Ben has profiled it so that is possible to do but I will have my Eizo monitor next to it anyway for the best colour management. Will let you know my thoughts once I have the beast at home.

Don’t forget the Bamboo Stylus too. I got mine a couple of weeks back and the precision with drawing on the ipad is something you have to try for yourself. It adds a whole new level of fun with drawing. I chose the pink pen just in case Tommy Putt was interested in one!

Lastly how about this new Inkling device. You draw on a bit of paper with the device clipped to the top and it records your bush strokes as a vector graphic which you can then upload to photoshop or illustrator and edit even more. So for those who really need the pen on paper feel this is the ultimate.

All I can say is, thank you WACOM, you are WAYCOOL.

Ask Benny at Team Digital for a play with some of this gear before I buy it all.

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