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Lower Melaluka Falls

17 Apr 2012 at 1:50pm

Yesterday was the second heli picnic at Melaluka falls. Flying in we spotted this lower falls and walked down to get some shots. It ended up being an epic with water crossings and bush bashing the order of the day. If only we were there at sunset for the magic hour!

At 3pm today we hop in the helicopter again and camp out at a remote waterfall and swimming hole somewhere up the Sale River. Looking forward to being under the stars and getting some awesome light. Clouds are already starting to build up so fingers crossed for an unbelievable sunset and sunrise.

Tomorrow it is Montgomery Reef.


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Millaa Millaa

21 Jun 2009 at 4:11am

millaa Have you ever been to a place and realised it was nothing like what you imagined???? Enter the Millaa Millaa falls. I saw Ken Duncans pic of this waterfall and thought that is a magic spot. The reality is somewhat different. Toilets, carpark and a cement platform at the base of the falls to walk out on all in view of the main falls. In fact you could almost shoot this from your car window. How to stuff up a place in three easy steps. I shouldn’t complain though, you don’t need to walk very far. Still if I didn’t tell you you would go there thinking what a magic place it must be, till you smelt the toilets!!

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