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Shark Attack!

23 Apr 2008 at 4:18am

This is a pic I took late last week at Mitchell Rocks. This kid was playing in the water and playing with death, his mum was watching but the surf was huge. I would have been a little concerned if it was my child. Anyway it is a 9 image stitch. The big question……….keep the kid or get rid of him?? Let me know what you think. When I say get rid of him, I don’t mean in a wooden box underbelly style, just a bit of photoshop stamping!! (for all you stalkers out there!)

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The Perfect Storm

16 Apr 2008 at 5:56am

This is a pic I took today of the Leeuwin Sailing Ship that was just off the coast at Meelup. There was lightning going off in the distance and I was thinking to myself…..nah I wouldn’t be sailing off into that. A single image capture, ok it was hard just to take one shot. Lee ND Grads and fuji the wonderdog to keep me company. Hope someone else is taking photos.

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