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Sigma DP2 V Fujifilm XT-1

28 Apr 2014 at 8:39pm

Sigma DP2 V Fujifilm XT-1

sigma v fuji

Well everyone knows I love cameras, I love a toy and I love quality. Today my new Sigma DP2 arrived. I had heard lots about this little weapon and was keen to try it out for myself. I had heard it was as sharp as medium format (at the  same resolution) a big call but who knows!

So I did a very non scientific test and lined it up against my favourite Fuji ever the XT-1. Ok so don’t take this as gospel but holly crapolly, the Sigma just made me let out a big woooooah. Then you look at the price, $558 delivered to my door (yes that’s right). Bang for buck this camera is a giant killer. The first image I looked at was so sharp I thought I was looking at a Phase file. Ok admittedly it is only 15mp compared to my monstrous 80mp IQ180 but the look was the same. Sharp and with great clarity. Not mushy like the files from some of the other cameras I have used.

So what is it like to use? well I feel like I have my hands on a consumer point and shoot, no flippy screen, auto focus is a bit slow, the build quality seems good it just isn’t like using a fuji XT-1. It kind of sucks. Still I am happy to accept a bit of sucking because that lens and sensor combination works unbelievably well. I so want to get Rainsy and one of his overpriced Leicas and have a shoot off. It would be fun.

And to let you know, I paid for my XT-1 and I paid for my Sigma. Also I am no expert so don’t think this is a fair test of both cameras. I shot a toy dinosaur with both cameras, the focal lengths are slightly different but I tried to get everything else as similar as possible. I still think in this crude test the Sigma came out on top. Saying that you will not use it for lots of things you would use the Fuji. The Fuji loves low light, the DP2 Merrill is scared of the dark (so I have read, not tested that theory myself yet)

So go try one for yourself. I’m heading out to do a nice stitch to put together a file with some meat. See how close I can get to Medium Format with a $558 camera.

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